My life has never been an easy one. Things have happened to me as a young child that should NEVER happen to a child. In this blog I am going to post things that have happened to me and how GOD has used those events in my life to change me and come closer to GOD. I hope what I post here helps someone who is going through what I have been though. I also hope that this blog helps who ever readers this come closer to GOD.I know that what I am about to say my make some people mad, but I am not going to use anyone’s name. Not even my own. I want to protect the dignity of the people I post so that they can still make a living and feed their family’s. Please under stand that I am not doing this to get attention I am truly doing this to help people.


You can email me at prefectjustthewaygodmademe@yahoo.com I will try to answer any question you soon as possible.


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