Today is the day!

well today is the day that I get to go on my mission trip. People have been asking how I feel and I tell them that I feel nervous and excited, but what I feel the most is gratitude not only to the people who helped me raise the money for my trip, but to God. I know I have said this a million times here on the v blog but also in real life, but its true. God has place me places so that I could come to this place. He opened doors I could never open, brought people in my life who I most likely would have never met on my own, and who I could never see my life without them now that I have them. But without God none of this stuff would have ever happened. If I had followed my own plan I wouldn’t be here today. The joy and love I feel from God is something I don’t think I could ever explain in my life. It is all consuming and I want everyone in the would to know his love. I am not going on this mission to convert and leave them, but to make relationships with people, and show them the love of God. I am also not going to do this to please God, because I could never do that because I am not sinless, I do it because God me to do. so I ask that you pray for the hearts of the people to be soften by God, I also ask that you Pray that so will mine and that I listen to what God wants me to do, and that he gives me the words to say.


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