19 days and counting (Also a whole lot of things going on in my mind right now)

  Yes 19 days (not Kids) and counting. 19 days tell I head off on my first mission trip, and the only thing that keeps going through my head is “what if I fail God”. Now don’t get me wrong I know God does not choose the qualified he makes the chosen qualified for his work. But as a human I wonder what in my life that he has made and given me make me qualified for his work. I fail he every day, I don’t deserve the life and the death of his son for my sin. In fact I know that I should be the one the cross for my sins, but because of God’s great mercy and the love he has for his children he gave me all of these things. I wonder from his love, and trust me I don’t want to do it but I do. Let me tell you something else, “Christians” who say that you have a better life after you come to Christ, no thing goes wrong after that. God will make my life, social standing, money and anything else that bothers me go away and become better are lying. God does not promise to do these things, he promises to be with us all ways and to never forsake us. He tell us that we will get persecuted, and let me tell you something else it is not only humans who will do this Satan will do this to us as well.  I believe that is what Satan is doing to me now as I write this blog and have these thoughts of failing God, because you know what I could never fail and all loving, all powerful, all knowing God that he is. You CAN NOT nor WILL NOT fail God, because he know what will happen and he has already used if for his glory. 

  Okay now on to the other things that have been on my mind as of late. Its been a year since I have started this blog. I know there hasn’t not been any constituency to this blog like some peoples. but let me tell you, I say that a lot tonight haven’t I? I have a life that gets busy and crazy and this blog gets pushed off to the side, as it is not the most important thing in my life.Okay, Now back to the important Stuff.  Because it has been A year, and l have felt for some time now that I Should do this. I am going to tell you who I am. My Name is Peggy Louise Mosley! I know Some of my readers already know this, but I wanted to tell everyone else. that is all for now.