WOW! what a day! Moved in my dorm, got my beanie and started learning the Ka-rip. Its still very surreal to think I am attending a College. Never did I ever think I would get to this day. I know that I have said this many times before, BUT you can never stop thanking GOD for the places he takes you or the people you meet. So I am going to say it. I could never do what I am doing now with out the help of the great and mighty GOD. I can do all things through GOD who strengthens me!

My GOD is a great GOD, All I want to do right now is bow at his feet and thank him without stop for the great blessing he has bestowed upon me. I really CAN NOT ask GOD for anything because he has given me the greatest thing in the world, and that is LIFE. He didn’t need to send his ONE AND ONLY son to die on MY cross to pay for MY sins. I should be the one on the cross paying for MY sins, But HE sent his son. I do not deserve what GOD has given me. Yet he continues to bless me more than I deserve every day. So why would I not want to bow at his feet and worship him every chance I get?


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