With only 18 days left tell I move out of my house, I keep thinking how great GOD is. I would never have made it to this point in my life. I am the first of my parents four children combined to graduate high school, but there is no way I could have had the strength to go to school while I was homeless if it had not been for the people who GOD put in my life and GOD himself.

Most students who become homeless never graduate high school or go back to school after they become homeless. I knew I wouldn’t become one of those students because I had a peace while I was homeless because I knew in the end that GOD would use this excrescence to help students who have the same problems.

I am a huge ball of emotions right now. I can’t decided if I want to scream at the top of my lungs with excitement, or cry tries of joy. I have so much to do before I move but I know what ever happens to me in the next four years that GOD will be with me no matter what happens.


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