Camp Cross Timbers

The past four days were insane but a true blessing now that I think back on everything that happened. I was in charge of 12 girls, but one of them really stood out from the rest. on the second night she rededicated her life to GOD and I was there to help her with that. Later that night she came to me and wanted to talk to me. She told me the problems she was having and how she was feeling. Her story was very smiler to my story. I told her that GOD would never let anything harm her because GOD is with us always.

   I feel like I was meant to go to cross timbers this year to help that young girl and be example to the others girls that if you have faith in GOD if will keep you safe no matter what happens in our life’s.


Philippians 4:13

This past couple of weeks GOD has shown me how true this bible verse really is. It not a parable or symbolic. its simple and straight forward. You don’t to sit and think about what is said in this verse, that is what makes it so wonderful. I can do all things though him who strengthens me.

  I know this to be true because of the things I have done the past couple of week that I thought would never happen. I gradated high school, which in my family doesn’t happen very often. I will also be attending college in the fall, which is amazing and I can’t wait. I could not achieved these things with out my lord and savoir who strengthens me. 😀